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Antik Denim Custom built for confort and peasure

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Antik Denim was created by Co-designers Alexandre Caugant and Philippe Naouri along with denim tycoon Paul Guez. Life-long friends Caugant and Naouri share a 20-year history in vintage denim fashion design. Both grew up in the South of France and were influenced by their passion for antique western and work wear designs. Antik  Denim has quickly established itself as a popular and favored premium denim brand in the U.S. and internationally.
Antik Jeans are all hand sewn which gives each piece its own unique characteristics. So as a result most will have some imperfections like unraveled threads or imperfect embroidery. These minor flaws are not defects but reflective of the hand made authenticity of the jeans with an antiqued vintage look that is ANTIK DENIM.

Antik Jeans Online

If you want to buy Antik Jeans here are the best places with the best deals.

Jeans.com      DJPremium      dress4less

SmartBargains is the place to look for serious bargain shoppers. Why fight the crowd digging through bargain bins treking through the outlet mall when you can browse online quality, brand name fashions off price from home. Great site that only occasionally has Antik Denim in stock but the prices are very low and they sell out quickly.

Jeans.com is where you can find a great selection of Antik jeans with plenty of styles, cuts and most fabric finishes available. Great prices plus no hassle returns and free overnight shipping.



6pm.com is another off price shopping outlet with some really low prices on Antik Denim. The availability here is sporadic where there are times that they have a good selection and but occasionally they are out of stock. When available you can stock up on some really good deals.

Antik Antik Antik Antik

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More Antik Jeans Information
Antik Denims rise in popularity is nearing the point of becoming a new American classic based on the company’s pursuit of the pleasure of denim, comfortable fit, premium material, and attention to details. They like to invent designs to revisit the past and connect with and surprise people by bring out different things and making variations that are not expected, to always keep it fresh and lead the market in design innovations. Each pair of Antik jeans created can be considered a unique denim masterpiece constructed with premier fabrics and individually decorated resulting in a one of a kind piece art to be worn and adored.

Antik Denim Emdriodered Jeans

The defining characteristics that have influenced Antiks popularity are:

- Meticulous craftsmanship
- Each pair is individually decorated
- Exclusive Japanese and Italian fabrics
-Comfortable fit
- Passion for perfection and details
- Inventive designs that revive the past and connect with people
-Craftsmanship and care reminiscent of a lost art
-Everything artistic with a soul

Some of Hollywood’s most famous celebrities that can be seen wearing Antic are: Johnny Dep, Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz, Teri Hatcher, Julia Roberts, Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, Ashlee Simpson, Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopes, and Vince Vaughn.

Hillary Duff wears Antik jeans        Paris Hilton in Antic  jeans         Penelope Cruz in Antik Jeans        Rihanna wears Antik Jeans         Teri Hatcher loves Antik Jeans         Tyra Banks Antik Jeans

Many of the most style-conscious men and woman favor Antik Denim as their choice of jeans. In addition to jeans you can find Antik branded, vintage-styled T-shirts, boots, belts, jewelry, shoes, developing children’s clothing, an Elvis Presley-inspired collection and two new lines, Antik Kargo and Antik Vintage.

Antik Denim Jeans at WhatGirlsWear

Some of the Various Antik Jean Styles Available
Belted wide leg jean
Betty rider jean
Betty jeans in white
Betty skinny diamond jeans
Black skinny chain pocket jean
Blue crystal. Bootcut jean
Bootless dark
Britney skinny jean in black
Brooke long shorts in blue
Brooke shorts in red
Brown stitched corduroy bootcut
Copper bootcut stitch jean
Daphne skirt in blue
Dark indigo stud detailed 'monroe' bootcut jeans
Dark wash 'fawcett' patchwork cropped jeans
Dark wash silver stitched 'fawcett' jeans
Dark wash stitched 'fawcett' jeans
Dark wash stitched 'western fewcett' bootcut jeans
Euro skinny jean
Eva bootcut jean
Eva gold leather pocket bootcut jean
Eva jean in black
Eva jeans in dark blue
Faded black wash slim cut jeans
Faded medium wash jean skirt
Faded medium wash 'monroe' jeans
Fawcett velour pants
Fawcett jean in black
Fawcett jean in blue
Fawcett jeans in dark blue
Five 5 pocket boot cut w/red
Five 5 pocket bootcut crystal jean
Five 5 pocket bootcut denim in black
Five 5 pocket bootcut denim with crystals and studs
Five 5 pocket bootcut floral black
Five 5 pocket bootcut jean in raw
Five 5 pocket bootless denim jean

Five 5 pocket crop short
Five 5 pocket gold metallic stitch jeans in black
Five 5 pocket metallic stitch jeans in black
Five 5 pocket skinny jean
Five 5 pocket skinny jean in raw
Five 5 pocket skinny leg black
Five 5 pocket skinny leg black
Five 5 pocket skinny leg denim in dark blue
Five 5 pocket straight grey
Five 5 pocket western btc
Five 5 pocket western jean with crystals
Florl straight leg jean
Gold chrystal bootcut jean
Gold skinny charm jean
Green tinted velour-pocket flare jeans
Joplin jean in grey
Marilyn skirt in dark blue
Medium wash peacock embroidered jeans
Morgan skinny jean in black
Off-white pocket detail 'fawcett' jeans
Overall shorts
Salmon frayed fawcett jeans
Skinny chain pocket
Southwestern cap
Sparkle 5 pocket bootcut jean
Stella wide leg
Straight leg jean in pale
Toni boyfriend jean
Valerie jeans in denim
Vintage matte black skinny jeans
Western 5 pocket with metallic gold stitching
White peacock embroidered jeans
White stitched bootcut jeans
White western flare 5 pocket denim jean
Womens stud boot cut
Women's wide leg kimono jean
Zipper pocket jean
Zipper western skinny denim jean

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